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I’m on my way (voluntarily) to New York City.

Right now.

If you get any kind of North American news feed, it’s one of the last places many people would suggest you head to, voluntarily or otherwise.

I’m off to lead the Coaches Training Institute’s Fundamentals Course.  A powerful introduction to life and leadership coaching. Co-Active Coaching more specifically.  There’s been lots of banter on the wisdom of holding this course the next few days.  Safety – personal and the greater public’s – is an important and real concern.  Comfort and convenience are also at stake.  This storm is being heralded as potentially one for the centuries.

So why head directly into it?

As the debate has gone back and forth and around and around on texts, Facebook, Twitter, email, the Weather Network and more, I’ve heard many a time “it’s just not worth it.”

As I sit here on Amtrak train 464 bound for Penn Station, I’m wondering “what is worth it?”  A truly grand question.  “What is worth it?”


For me, going to lead this work is worth “it” (note: no one I’ve talked to so far has a definitive view on what the “it” is).  What I do know is that being trained as a Co-Active Coach and Co-Active Leader has helped me become more intentional, deliberate, fierce, courageous and powerful in my world and the world around me. I am surrounded, mentored and empowered by a group of international peers who possess incredible talent, purpose and drive.   I set out to lead this work just hours after I experienced the very course I’m going to lead this week.  I knew on that weekend in January 2011 I’d found an “it.”  The dream to lead for CTI has come true, as have many others I’ve had in the last 3 years (including moving into our dream home/property 7 days ago).  I want this for others, for you – deliberateness, service, intention, choice, power.  A peer group that champions you into the life and leadership you most want.  A life with big, powerful “it’s.” I know this work, Co-Activity, can help make these visions happen.  There are upwards of 28 people who have said “YES” to this course this week.  I intend on being there for all those who can and choose to come. So for me, going to lead this work is worth it.


jumpI have a wife and two incredible children.  I am respectful of the weather and the risks that may lie ahead.  I am grateful for my family’s love and support in spite of it all.  And, I’m choosing not to wait to do this work this time.  For me, it’s worth “it.”  This is one of the things I know truly, truly is worth it.  I believe this work has something our world needs more than ever before.  So it’s worth all of it.  And I certainly respect those, that for them, this is not worth it.

The question remains:  what’s are the “it’s” in your life worth saying YES to against the odds others set?

And when it’s all said and done, what were the “it’s” that you powerfully chose in your life and took risks to make happen?